Functionality[edit | edit source]

The mercenary post allows to recruit Arabian units with a wide range of unconventional tools and tactics. Mercenaries cost only gold and a peasant to hire, they need neither weapons nor armour to equip. Most units are much more expensive than their European counterparts, however.

The mercenary post is built of wood, but costs gold to build. It is hard to destroy, as well as it can spread flames as it may catch fire.

List of mercenaries[edit | edit source]

Unit Price Description
Arabian Bowman 18 gold Long-ranged missile unit.
Slave 5 gold Fragile unit, used for lighting up buildings.

Slave Driver

80 gold Support unit, provides slaves a defense aura.
Arabian Swordsman 60 gold Durable, high damage frontliner unit.
Oil Pot Thrower 40 gold Short-ranged unit, lobs pots of Greek Fire in an area.
Assassin 60 gold Stealth melee unit, can climb walls.
Horse Archer 30 gold Mounted cavalry, can shoot while moving.
Healer 80 gold Fragile support unit, restores units' health in an area.
Whirling Dervish 120 gold

Light infantry unit that can deal area damage.

Sassanid Knight 300 gold Raiding cavalry that excels against infantry.
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