Merlin is a special unit in Stronghold Legends, available to the good faction

Description Edit

Merlin is a special unit available at the Round Table. He is a powerful wizard. Merlin appears as a frail, old man however his power should not be underestimated. He wears a simple robe, scarf and wide-brimmed wizards' hat. His age and lack of armour makes him weak in combat, dying from just a few blows or arrows. However, he wields the power of lightning which makes him a fearsome long-range opponent, being able to blast groups of weaker enemies into oblivion with a single bolt of electric energy. He also has a powerful special ability called Dragon's Breath which creates a giant blast of power dealing great damage in a very large area. However, this ability must be used wisely as it has a long recharge time.

Usage Edit

Merlin is mainly a support unit, because of his medium range powerful area attack. He is effective against groups of lightly armoured units. He is best used in defence, preferably atop a tower to increase the range of his lightning bolts. He is effective against small groups of weaker units like ladder-men, making him useful for defending against sieges. He is also good at weakening siege equipment with his blasts.

Merlin isn't so useful when used offensively however. His slow movement speed gives enemy archers plenty of opportunity to attack and his low durability means that he can't withstand arrow barrages for long. His range is also shorter than archers' meaning that they can attack him before he can attack them. He also performs very poorly in melee combat, with even weaker units like men-at-arms being able to kill him.

Trivia Edit

  • Merlin is obviously based on Merlin (also known as Merlyn) from Arthurian Legends. In these legends, Merlin is King Arthur's friend and advisor, as he is in Stronghold Legends. In both cases, he is a great wizard.
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