Use the dark magics against them!
— Mordred, when calling the Sorcerer
Personal Information
Real Name Mordred
Nicknames None
Appears on Stronghold Legends
Physical Information
Gender Male
Strategical Information
Difficulty Hard
Melee Troops Men-at-arms

Saxon Warriors

Ranged Troops Archers

Bat (when diving)

Siege Engines Catapults

Stake hurlers
Werewolf launchers

Mordred (also known as Medraut in French) is a character and AI opponent in Stronghold Legends.


"Bitter and resentful at what he regards as his lost birthright, Mordred thinks of little else, other than gaining his crown. He frequently draws on the powers of his mother 'Morgan le Fay' to support him in his obsession."


Mordred is the son of Morgan le Fay (who is half-sister of King Arthur) in the Arthurian legends. He serves as one of the main antagonists in the story, betraying King Arthur whenever he can, as Arthur has denied claiming the throne from him. He wields supernatural powers, using them to steal the throne from Arthur and eventually fights him in a battle, where he manages to fatally wound Arthur, but he is killed by Arthur's sword.

Castles and StrategiesEdit

Mordred has a diamond-shaped castle with a proper defense. He has two gatehouses to provide smooth access and he erects two lookout towers with two engine towers on the sides, each stationing a dragon harpoon. Crossbowmen and men-at-arms guard the walls, while some fire drakes and man traps provide a decent close-range defense.

Mordred generally needs more time to prepare his army, which is robust in punch. He sends out frequent raids to keep you on your toes in the meantime, and he uses three kinds of attacks: bats fly from home to dive onto groups of soldiers and create a huge impact, he summons the Sorcerer periodically to wreak havoc with its fiery attack and Meteor Storm ability and he sends stake hurlers for ranged bombardment.

To sieges, Mordred brings a deadly mix of barracks units and fantasy creatures. He brings men-at-arms and crossbowmen, to assist the tough werewolves. From the siege camp, various engines such as catapults and trebuchets would emerge. Cats will also be constructed to provide defense from projectiles and a werewolf launcher can also launch werewolves from high distance. A battering ram will also attempt to knock down any gatehouses in sight.

Usable skillsEdit

Summon werewolves
S wvolf
Duration 240 seconds
Effect Summons 5 werewolves to the selected area, serving as temporary bodyguards for the lord.
Note Summoned werewolves have limited lifespan. They disappear after 30 seconds and take 5 seconds to cast.
Meteor Storm
S meteor
Duration 240 seconds
Effect Calls down a storm of meteorites on a selected area, inflicting huge damage.
Note Used by the Sorcerer.
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