Oil Smelter
General Information
Available in Stronghold games
Usage Oil storage for defense
Cost 10 iron

100 gold

The Oil Smelter is a defensive structure.


The oil smelter is a big cauldron, which can store oil for defensive purposes. Engineers can be assigned to the building, who take turns in keeping the smelter fed with pitch from the stockpile and handing out oil pots for each other. The smelter can store 10 units of oil.

Engineers with oil can freely move around and pour it directly in front of them, either manually or automatically when an enemy is near. Defenders who depleted their supplies instantly run to the smelter to take another pot of oil.

Although the smelter is a fairly durable building, it spreads fire when destroyed, even if there is no oil being boiled in the pot. The small rally area where engineers assemble can immediately catch fire, severely damaging and roasting any unit around the perimeter.


  • The smelter is the only building that requires iron to place in the Stronghold games.


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