Oil Tipper
General Information
Available in Stronghold Legends
Usage Defensive device
Cost 200 gold

The oil tipper is a defensive tool in Stronghold Legends.


The oil tipper works just like the stone tipper in Stronghold 2. It is mounted on a wall section, holding boiling oil instead of rocks. When the tipper is turned upside down, the oil is released and it burns a huge area under of it. The tipper needs some time to recharge before the next use.

It can only be placed by players of the Good faction.


Just like its predecessor, the oil tipper can be used to hold back a wave of enemies, particularly those that attempt to get on the wall by the means of a ladder or a siege tower. The fire created by the oil can burn down ladders and unarmored enemies, preventing a ladder set-up or a strike. It also has a considerably shorter recharge time between two uses, making somewhat more useful than the stone variant.

However, it carries the same disadvantages as the stone tipper: vulnerability to stone-hurling machines, like catapults and trebuchets, high price and low effective range.

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