The Outlaw Camp is a map specific hazard in Stronghold 2.


Outlaw camps are preplaced buildings, which are meant to provide challenge to the player. They produce units and send them out spontaneously to distract economies and mow down everything in their way. They primarily target peasants and buildings, but they also target soldiers if provoked. They attack the Lord very rarely, but they are more interested in demolishing buildings and terrorizing workers.

They produce two units: archers and outlaws. Outlaws are recruited and sent in two (sometimes three) batches when raiding. Archers are responsible for the camp's defense. Backed up with outlaws, they reside outside the camp, but they also patrol around it. These troops are hostile to everyone and are set on aggressive stance. They are neutral to wolves and bears.


These camps act like a siege camp, with similar health and function. They can be taken down by a few rocks, rolling logs or melee units. Fire ballistae will take longer to raze it, but they cannot set the building on fire.


  • Peace campaign: from the beginning until mission 6, when the camp is destroyed
  • War mission 4: The Bull in the Borderlands, as a minor quest
  • War mission 11: Treachery, two outlaw camps harassing Sir William's estates
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