Not to be confused with the Beduin outpost.

The outpost is a military building in Stronghold Crusader Extreme and Stronghold Crusader 2. It can also be used for Stronghold Crusader HD custom maps.


Outposts are friendly barracks or mercenary posts that periodically spawn units for their owner at no cost. These units can be used to quickly build up an offensive army and take it into battle or to bolster your own defenses. Outposts are pre-placed on maps and they cannot be rebuilt once demolished, so losing one can be a critical blow to one's military production. Outposts have no practice ground so buildings can be built adjacent to them.

European outposts can create archers, spearmen, macemen, swordsmen and knights. Moreover, they can create manned catapults at three different rates.

Arab outposts can create Arabian bowmen, slaves, slingers, horse archers, Arabian swordsmen and fire throwers. They can also spawn manned fire ballistae and single catapults.


Depending on the game played, various tactics can be used against outposts.

The most common and straightforward method is to charge down an outpost, quickly taking down the assembled army nearby, then destroying the exposed building. This can be a costly process if a huge defending army is present there, but the outpost itself is rather weak and is quickly destroyed by concentrated fire or attacks.

In Crusader Extreme, the cheaper and more convenient way is to use special powers. Rock Volleys can damage and annihilate both the outpost and its army. Arrow Volleys come in handy too since they can be used more often, but their power is limited. Macemen or spearmen spawns also do the job if the outpost is not heavily defended.


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