Come now brother, soon our name will be synonymous with leadership!
— Pascal Deveraux to Sir William
Pascal Deveraux
Personal Information
Real Name Pascal Deveraux
Nicknames The Hawk
Appears on Stronghold 2/Deluxe
Physical Information
Gender Male
Age Mid-30s
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Strategical Information
Difficulty Medium
Melee Troops Spearmen


Ranged Troops Archers
Siege Engines Catapults

Fire Ballistae

Pascal Deveraux, known to many as 'The Hawk' is the evil brother of Sir William and used this likeness to try and poison The King and frame Sir William for it. He works for Lord Barclay.


Pascal looks a lot like Sir William, which isn't really surprising as Pascal and William are twin brothers. The Hawk often wears a black hood over his head so that only his face can be seen, which gives him a window of opportunity to poison The King during one of his Feast and frame Sir William.

Like all other characters, Pascal wears a cloak, in his case turquoise/teal in color.


The Hawk is a shrewd character. He seems to still have some affection for his brother, trying to persuade him to Lord Barclay's side rather than kill him straight away. When it becomes obvious that Sir William won't budge, he seems ready to kill anyone, including his brother, to get power.

Pascal also seems has a tendency to be cruel to those who defy him. In the campaign he says this (phonetic spelling because of Pascal's French accent):

'So my bruzzer still leeves, but not for long!' - Pascal upon learning of Sir William infiltrating Lord Barclay's castle.

In Kingmaker despite having a decent enough economy and castle, he never properly besieges a castle, militarily making him a bit like King Phillip from Stronghold Crusader.

The Hawk in the campaignsEdit

Path of WarEdit

The Hawk first appears after the escape of Sir William and Matthew Steele from Barclay's castle. He suggests giving Olaf Grimtooth a bag of gold to finish off the two, while revealing that his brother is still alive. Soon his army prepares for a siege of Sir Grey in the borderlands. This is promptly defeated by Steele, much to his annoyance.

Later, when he comes to assist Barclay's army, he gets pinned down by Sir Grey's forces but manages to defeat them. He opposes Lady Seren's participation in the siege and he turns to be right, when Seren turns against them, backstabbing their forces. Their attack fails soon and he comes down with Barclay to invite Steele to their clan.

If the Steele chooses the good side of the campaign, then the Hawk comes to siege him in Lady Seren's abbey on Barclay's fifth attempt. After this is beaten, William travels with an army to beat him. Pascal tries to convince him to join, but Sir William refuses and destroys the bridge connecting his mainland and castle, leaving his three underlings, Duke de Montparnasse, Lord Beaufort and Sir Hugo Blanc to try and deal with him and Steele. His bridge is rebuilt too late to save his three landholders and when his attempt against Steele is rebuffed, his castle is besieged and he is killed. However, Barclay reveals that his death only helped him to get closer to the crown.

In the bad side of the campaign, the Hawk heads off to stabilize the country and find the King's shelter, while Barclay and Steele deal with the others. Once the King is found, Pascal leads his army in the siege of the King's fortress in the hope of taking the crown. Eventually, Steele wins and he swears fealty to him along with Barclay.

Castles and StrategyEdit

The Hawk constantly harasses his enemies with little raids. He can be a useful ally, but it takes some time for him to build up an attack force.


His castle is fairly simple in design, but hosts a relatively good defense as well. A rectangular wall surrounds the keep, with round and square towers to host mangonels. Lookout towers with hoarding are also found, but these are not built frequently. Towers and small gatehouses house archers and occasionally outlaws. Rolling logs are mounted sporadically on the walls and man traps surround vulnerable spots.


Pascal is a very aggressive lord heavily focusing on harassment. His raiding troops form up very early in a form of some archers and a catapult and fire ballista. These groups are constantly sent and they can soon overwhelm economies without a proper defense.


The Hawk runs an all-round economy. He produces all four food types and gathers wood, stone and iron. He also erects the Lord's Kitchen for pigs and vegetables and puts a church to boost honor and popularity. He receives an extra bonus in popularity from an inn.

How to deal withEdit


The Hawk never besieges a castle, but just sends lots of small raiding parties with catapults. Enclosing all your buildings (or as many as you can) with a wall should reduce the effects of these attacks.


You should bring 5-10 knights (mounted for faster travel) to finish off Pascal himself, some swordsmen to mop up any other melee troops and 40-50 horse archers with around 30 spearmen/warrior monks to defend them to assist with this. Also bring around 6-7 catapults with another 40 spearmen/warrior monks to defend them.

Try and focus catapults on the rolling logs to get rid of them and make a whole in his walls. Try and break a wall that gives you a clear path up to the keep so you don't have to knock down more than one wall and waste time. Send in ALL troops except catapults. Don't worry if they are destroyed. If you broke a wall that gives you a straight path up to the keep, you won't need them.

Use the swordsmen, spearmen/warrior monks and horse archers to keep Pascal's defending troops busy and get your knights to the keep. Then dismount your knights and get them to Pascal and kill him.


For the Kingmaker quotes of Pascal, see: Pascal Deveraux/Quotes


  • The Hawk actually attempts to build a siege force, but as he lacks spearmen, he will not attack and he rather patrols his troops around his perimeter. See Stronghold 2:AI mechanics for more details. This bug is fixed in this unofficial patch for the AI [1] and the Hawk will start to (very rarely) besiege castles.



Pascal, in his castle


  1. Heavengames mod
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