The Pictish Boat Warrior is armed with a Labrys, which doubles as an oar, and has a Coracle on his back that he uses to cross water.


The boat warriors are not too fast and not too slow, lack of armor and their weak attack makes them only useful in ambushes from the sea. They speak a made-up gibberish version of Pictish, mostly unlike the real Pictish.

When used against enemies with castles constructed on islands or spurs of rock, surrounded by sea, a coordinated siege and attack by a large force of these soldiers can leave an enemy shattered, as they come under attack from all sides.

Pictish Boat Warriors also make an appearance in Stronghold Legends, but only in certain missions and mostly as an enemy.

There is just one mission where a group of exactly 10 of them can be used by the player as one of the extra reinforcements at the very start of the legend's trail (mission 20). You'll need to be swift to select them, place them in a safe place to use them later on - or just for fun - because the nearby enemies will be there to shred them to pieces.


A tactic often used is that whilst an ally attacks from the front, a force of boat warriors assaults from the sea shore, unnoticed by the enemy as they are too busy fighting your ally. You make a small hole in the wall and sneak up and kill the lord while the enemy isn't looking.

One important rule is that boatmen should not go in range of enemy missile fire, even those from men-at-arms. As they are extremely vulnerable to this. They can only make sieges work in larger groups than ordinary soldiers because their attack and defense aren't the best.

However, if one wishes to make a sneaky siege, without need for assassins, use the boatmen.

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