The Pikeman is a player's premier defensive unit.


Pikemen are heavily armored units with decent speed and high health. Their armor affords them good protection from arrows and crossbow bolts, and gives them high survival ability in melee combat. Compared to other troops, pikemen have relatively poor attack strength, but can match other troops in combat when amassed, making their primary use tying up large formations of enemy soldiers and blocking access to important parts of your castle and keep. They also perform well in the initial stages of a siege, filling in moats and pushing the enemy from the walls and gatehouses.

Pikemen require a pike from the poleturner's workshop and metal armour from the armourer's workshop.

Game differencesEdit

Stronghold, Crusader:

  • Pikemen are among the few units that can dig or fill in the moat.

In later games, other units than the pikemen can also fill in the enemy moat.


For the quotes of the pikeman, see Quotes:Pikeman.


  • Aside from tunnelers, engineers, and archers, pikemen are one of the units in Stronghold who have a distinctive, regional accent. They have a northern Yorkshire accent. 
  • In 1v1 combat, the pikemen is slightly weaker than offensive units like the maceman and assassin, and much weaker than powerful unit like the arabian swordsman, knight or swordsman.  
  • Pikemen also have the second highest survivability when walking through fire and pitch ditches next to the knight in Stronghold 1 and Crusader, due to their high health and fast speed.  


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