Action Quote Sound

Aye, sir.



I serve thee well.

Walk lively, pikes!



Your command.

What troubles thee?


Pike S1
Pike S2
Pike S3
Pike S4
Pike S5
Pike S6
Pike S7
Pike S8
Pike S9
Pike S10

Pikemen, forward!

Pikemen, advance!

Shoulder pikes!


We're on the move.

Come on, lads!

Let's get going.

Let's walk forward.

Marching boots, lads!

Your command, sir.

Pike M12
Pike M2
Pike M3
Pike M4
Pike M5
Pike M6
Pike M7
Pike M8
Pike M9
Pike M10
Invalid location Can't, sir!
Pike MC1
Marching All right, pikemen, let's get going!
Pike ML1
Aggressive stance Let no one near!
Pike Aggressive
Defensive stance Hold this spot!
Pike Defensive
Stand ground Guard this spot!
Pike Guard
Patrolling Patrol set, my captain.
Pike Patrol
Open formation

Pikes apart!

Pike Open
Defensive knot Receive the charge!
Pike Knot
Column formation Into a column!
Pike Column
Line formation Line up!
Pike Line
Filling in moat

Let's get this moat filled in.

Hand me a spade.

Just dig, lads.

Pike Moat1
Pike Moat2
Pike Moat3
Manning rock basket

Pikes down?!

Pike MS1
Manning walls To the walls!
Pike MW1
Disband Fall out!
Pike Disband1
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