Action Quote Sound
Ready / selected Aye, sir.
Pike S11

Right here.

Your lordship?

I serve thee.

Shoulder, pikes!

Your orders?

Pike S21
Pike S31
Pike S41
Pike S51
Pike S61

Pikemen, forward!

Headin' there now!

Walk with pride.

Pike M1
Pike M21
Pike M31
Invalid location Sorry, sir.
Pike M41

None shall pass!

Pike fodder.

How many fits on this thing, eh?

Run them through!

Pike ATKW1
Pike ATKW2
Pike ATKW3
Pike ATKW4
Heavy target

As you command.

Nothing scares us.

Take heart, lads.

It'll be a bloody fight!

Pike ATKS1
Pike ATKS2
Pike ATKS3
Pike ATKS4
Marching That'll stretch our legs.
Pike M51

Digging moat

Great use of our time, Lord.

Hand me a spade.

Just dig, lads.

Pike Moat11
Pike Moat21
Pike Moat31

Pushing off ladder

Get those ladders!

I wonder if they can fly?

Ain't gravity great?

Disband Pull out?
Pike Disband11
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