Action Quote Sound


Rangers, look sharp!


The boys are in good orders, sir.

What's afoot, sire?

Rangers ready, sir!

What are your orders, sire?

Rangers, on your feet!

Your faithful rangers.

At your service.

Ranger S1
Ranger S2
Ranger S3
Ranger S4
Ranger S5
Ranger S6
Ranger S7
Ranger S8
Ranger S9
Ranger S10

Rangers, we move!

Our pleasure, sire.

Let's go, boys!

Rangers, heading out.

This war is never over.

Step lightly, boys!

Rangers en route, sire.

Heading out!

Rangers, look sharp!

Let's move!

Ranger M1
Ranger M2
Ranger M3
Ranger M4
Ranger M5
Ranger M6
Ranger M7
Ranger M8
Ranger M9
Ranger M10
Invalid location Impossible, sire!
Ranger MC1
Marching It's a long journey, let's get moving.
Ranger ML1
Aggressive stance No one leaves here alive!
Ranger Aggressive
Defensive stance We'll watch this ground.
Ranger Defensive
Stand ground Guard set, sire!
Ranger Guard
Patrolling Ranger on patrol.
Ranger Patrol
Open formation

Open order!

Ranger Open
Column formation Column!
Ranger Column
Line formation Line!
Ranger Line
Attacking unit

Bows ready...

Bring them down!

Adjust for the wind...

Make every arrow count!

Mark your targets...

Greetings from the rangers!

Ranger ATKM1
Ranger ATKM2
Ranger ATKM3
Ranger ATKM4
Ranger ATKM5
Ranger ATKM6
Attacking building

There's our target...

Orders received!

Take out that target!

We see them, sire.

Ranger ATKW1
Ranger ATKW2
Ranger ATKW3
Ranger ATKW4
Manning walls Rangers: on those walls!
Ranger MW1
Lighting pitch

Use fire arrows!

Light that target!

Quick, fire arrows!

Burn it!

Ranger Light Pitch1
Ranger Light Pitch2
Ranger Light Pitch3
Ranger Light Pitch4
Disband Our war is over.
Ranger Disband1
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