The ranger is a versatile barracks unit in Stronghold 3 and Stronghold Crusader 2.


The ranger is a skilled longbowman, who bears lots of similarities with the archer. He fires normal arrows from high range and wears no armor, however he has a little more health and superior close combat capabilities. He can withstand a little more shots from ranged units, as well as sustain more damage in close combat. He is cheap to recruit, just like the archer: however, he requires an additional sword from the armoury.


Rangers have basically the same utility as archers: providing long range support for friendly close-combat units. In numbers, a team of rangers can decimate ranks of unarmored units with ease: they are ideal at defending early-game rushes and slave driver attacks. They are also partially effective in killing enemy workers and even destroying buildings. For sieges they are rather uneffective: as they are prone to miss their attacks against elevated targets and they have relatively little health, they would not hold out for long in a prolonged fight, most notably against crossbowmen. The same cannot be said against melee units: the ranger can effectively duel macemen and swordsmen.

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