Below are the different strategies against Richard The Lionheart.


The Lionheart's attacks are devastating and quickly organized. Tunnelers, siege equipment and armored troops can confuse the player attacking at the same time. However, the Lionheart focuses so much on armored troops that his attacks are very slow to commence. The hard troops will require some tower mounted engines and heavy troops to deflect the attack. Ballistae and mangonels should be deployed to soften up the army, but the rapid fire and more accurate fire ballistae may be preferred to speed up the process. Crossbowmen are somewhat effective at destroying troops, but slingers may operate effectively in great numbers, as they are cheap to hire, faster to kill armored troops. They should only be used if no enemy missile troops exist in the area, as they are vulnerable to these. Some swordsmen or assassins should be ready to counterattack if a gap appears or a siege tower docks.

A moat is perhaps the best defence against Richard's attacks. While his pikemen will eagerly dig it up, it will slow them and the accompanying swordsmen down and make them an easy target for crossbowmen.


Surprisingly, the Lionheart's castles are easy to siege. Since he uses few archers, but many tower mounted devices, he may be fearsome, but packs relatively little firepower. Towers individually are favourable targets and Richard can be worn down easily, since he builds only one gatehouse. The following tactics are effective:

  • Horse archer squads: Again, the archers firerate is very low to massacre hordes of troops. 60-80 horse archers may clear the outer defenses with ease, provided mangonels are avoided with good maneuvering to minimize losses. Never stop moving, ballistae are rendered useless against moving targets. After clearing the defenses, target the campfire with an area attack, while you deploy fire ballistae to dispose of the tin-men. Lastly, kill the lord.
  • Standard siege: Bring a bunch of catapults and some guards to escort them. Destroy any building you may see when closing to the walls, then open fire on towers to cripple them and target crucial buildings (granary, barracks, armoury, engineer's guild). Light up buildings with fire ballistae (catapults can be unmanned) and burn the whole settlement up. In the meantime, fire ballistae can clear out the keep's troops and you can move in for the kill.
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