Here are the quotes of Richard The Lionheart.

Action Quote Sound
Added to roster Well done!
Ri add player 01
Removed from roster Afraid?
Ri kick player 01
Prepares for siege Another siege draws close, my friend. My men are in great heart!
Ri siege 01
Taunt 1 My men are eager for battle and so am I. Prepare to fight!
Ri taunt 01
Taunt 2 My banner will fly atop your keep before this day is out!
Ri taunt 02
Taunt 3 The desert is a cruel place to fight. Are you sure you have the heart for it?
Ri taunt 03
Taunt 4 Gird your loins, sharpen your steel. You will soon be tested!
Ri taunt 04
Defeats a different player Sound the fanfare! The royal armies are victorious once more!
Ri vict 04
Player's buildings are destroyed War is a dangerous game my Lord, as you are finding out.
Ri vict 02
Deflects player's attack Victory! The lion roars once more!
Ri vict 01
Defeats player My royal banner rises over your domain. Rightful order is restored!
Ri vict 03
Player deflects attack Bravely done, you fight like a man!
Ri anger 01
Player destroys buildings Fine! You can bring down a few buildings. How about a fair fight?
Ri anger 02
Player closes in with an army 1 My walls are strong, my men are in good heart. Bring on your slings and arrows!
Ri nervous 01
Player closes in with an army 2 Events have come to a pretty pass when a King must cower in his castle. But cower I must...
Ri nervous 02
Defeated So, I am bested and my poor bones must rest in these wretched sands.
Ri plead 01
Requires goods We are in short supply of the following provisions. Can you supply them?
Ri req 01
Sends goods Your goods have already been dispatched.
Ri sent 01
Receives goods Your supply caravan has arrived, thank you my Lord.
Ri thanks 01
Refuses to supply I find myself in short supply. I cannot send your goods!
Ri notsent 01
Agrees to attack I march.
Ri willattack 01
Refuses to attack (casual) I have more important plans, my Lord. I leave this honour to you.
Ri noattack 02
Refuses to attack (besieged) You jest my Lord. None but a fool would undertake such a venture!
Ri noattack 01
Requires help The royal standard is in grave peril. You must fly to my aid!
Ri help 01
Sends help I have sent some men to help you.
Ri helpsent 01

Refuses to help (casual)

Courage my Lord, courage! You must stand alone for now!
Ri nohelp 02
Refuses to help (besieged) These are lean times, my Lord. I cannot help you!
Ri nohelp 01
Predicts victory as ally The smell of victory is in the air, my friend!
Ri team winning 01
Predicts defeat as ally These are desperate times, my Lord. You will need all your courage in the days that lie ahead.
Ri team losing 01
Kills common enemy Our cause has been furthered. Another false lord has fallen before me!
Ri boast 01
Player kills common enemy Good work, my Lord. We are royally impressed at your accomplishment!
Ri congrats 01
Falls as ally I have fallen in battle, you must now lead the fight, my Lord!
Ri ally death 01
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