Below are Richard The Lionheart's strategies in Stronghold Crusader.


Richard runs an advanced economy to fuel his numerous skirmishes. He gathers all raw materials, particularly pitch for oil smelters. For the granary he builds apple orchards and dairy farms in great quantities. He has a massive weapon production as well as he will scatter gardens, statues, and shrines throughout the remainder of his castle, which will allow his troops the benefits of a positive Fear Factor bonus. He does not use inns but instead relies on churches and positive fear factor to increase his popularity so he can impose taxes.


Though he defends well enough, The Lionheart's greatest strength lies in his ability to attack. His typical siege force consists of pikemenswordsmen and archers in increasingly greater quantities. He will usually organize his forces just out of range from his opponent's walls and begin building siege equipment. The archers advance first, firing at troops on walls and towers, and there are often quite large numbers of these. These archers also serve to distract defenders so that tunnelers can start digging and siege equipment can be built with less chance of being attacked. The pikemen and swordsmen advance together shortly after. Some of them split off from the main group to destroy outlying farm and industrial buildings.

The Lionheart will construct catapultsbattering ramstrebuchets and much later on, siege towers, each of these in varying quantities. He will use them to attack the player's walls, gatehouses, and towers as his army closes in. Sometimes, these troops are assisted with two additional catapults to destroy farms and mining buildings. He also uses tunnelers to break vulnerable wall sections and weak towers.


Richard the Lionheart builds a wide variety of castles, ranging from poor to excellent in overall design and effectiveness. In general, he will build four thin sections of wall, creating a small square or rectangular shape around his keep. He will then place up to four large, square towers at each corner where his walls intersect and a large gatehouse along the front. Each of the towers surrounding the keep are topped with either mangonels or ballistae to aid in castle defense. Archers and engineers with oil mount the top of the towers and some of the wall sections. The keep is usually swarming with pikemen and swordsmen.

The Lionheart patrols his buildings with pikemen and archers. When provoked, the Lionheart will use a bunch of these troops to kill the harassing units.

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