The rock basket is a defensive tool appearing in Stronghold 2.


The rock basket is simply a holder for an infinite number of rocks, which is used for close-ranged defense. It is best to mount on the edge of a wall section, where nearby soldiers can take rocks out of it and throw them on advancing enemies. It is a cheap means of defense, although its effectiveness is limited.


The basket is best used against enemy ladders, which may be set up directly against the wall, where the rocks can be thrown. Since ladders can be destroyed, several rocks can quickly bring an end to ladders and units climbing it. Rocks can be thrown on units underneath the wall, which can take away quite a bunch of health from them.

It is advised to use cheap units, such as armed peasants or spearmen to support ranged units.

Unfortunately, if operating units are clumped together when using the basket, they may throw rocks on their comrades standing in front of them, who may be clobbered to death unintentionally.

If the walls around the basket are damaged, it is rendered unusable and disappears.


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