Rolling logs are a mechanism used in castle defences in Stronghold 2 and Stronghold Legends.


Rolling logs are wall-mounted devices that can be used as a (temporary) one-shot weapon against advancing armies. When released, the logs roll off the walls and crush any enemies or buildings in their path, being either friendly or hostile. They even mow down trees and bushes while rolling. These logs are set on fire when released, leaving small sections of fire behind them, allowing thus to light pitch ditches over their path. The logs will replenish after some time for use again.

The logs must be placed on a three-wall section and can be released manually by their button.


Rolling logs are a rare sighting and expensive to build, but they provide a decent close-range defence. They are best used against advancing laddermen or harassment troops, who operate close to the walls. They can be severely damaged or killed after the logs are released, but they might recieve additional damage from the flames the logs create. Furthermore, if those troops are caught on an array of pitch ditches, they will fry immediately to get even more damage.

These logs also benefit from elevated positions, as they can roll further than normal, boosting their effective range.


Rolling logs tend to have some weak spots. They rely heavily on the wall section they are placed on, meaning if a catapult or trebuchet hits it, the logs become unusable and they disappear. Long-ranged missile units such as archers and fire ballistae can outrange the logs, which cannot be harmed by them.

The biggest weakness of the logs is their huge recharge time. After a volley of logs has been released, the walls nearby become vulnerable to a second attack wave, which can engage the same spot without much trouble.

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