Round Table
Round table
General Information
Available in Stronghold Legends
Usage Summoning Arthurian fantasy units
Cost 20 stone (skirmish)

25 stone+100 honor (multi)

The Round Table is a military building for the Good faction in Stronghold Legends.


The Round Table allows to hire Arthur's knights (Percival, Bedivere, Galahad, Gareth, Gawain, Lancelot), Merlin and the green dragon. These unique units are very costly in terms of honor and gold, but they are very powerful. What is more, they all have a special ability each, which recharges once it has been used. One of every Round Table unit may be present on the battlefield each time. The Knights behave just like a regular knight, except for their added abilities. They can mount horses for honor and they have different coat-of-arms - depending on their abilities - on their shields. Merlin cannot mount any horses.

The green dragon spawns from an egg, which needs some time to prepare. After that, the dragon can be summoned at any time and the dragon can be used until it dies or its lifespan ends.

The Round Table itself is a fairly weak structure and needs some protection against siege engines (though easily replacable in skirmish mode).

Just like the barracks, the Table can have an assembly point set anywhere on the map for fresh units. All units from the Round Table will go to the point, but it can be reset to the Table anytime.

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