Here are the quotes of Saladin.

Action Quote Sound
Added to roster Welcome.
Sa add player 01
Removed from roster Farewell.
Sa kick player 01
Prepares for siege My forces are ready. Our enemy's walls will fall to dust.
Sa siege 01
Taunt 1 The sands of time are running out for you, my friend.
Sa taunt 01
Taunt 2 As the hawk would hunt the rabbit, so I shall hunt you!
Sa taunt 02
Taunt 3 Your barbaric ways, your cruel plans... You are too transparent, my friend!
Sa taunt 03
Taunt 4 I am not a vindictive man. Once you are my prisoner, you shall live. Maybe, you will tend my camels...
Sa taunt 04
Deflects player's attack The desert is no place for you. Go home, my friend. Go home.
Sa vict 03
Player's buildings are destroyed My forces have struck another blow against you! This is but the beginning of the end for you, my friend.
Sa vict 02
Close to victory You are clearly no match for my forces! Give up now, my friend!
Sa vict 01
Defeats player As it must be, another has fallen before me.
Sa vict 04
Player deflects attack By all that's holy, you fight well! Too well, I fear.
Sa anger 01
Player destroys buildings Aarghh...! You are indeed a thorn in my side!
Sa anger 02
Player closes with an army As I look about, I take little comfort. I must not fail my people.
Sa nervous 01
Panicking Hmm, the situation is grave indeed. Maybe a change of plan is needed.
Sa nervous 02
Defeated You are mighty in battle. But are you just as well? I put myself at your mercy.
Sa plead 01
Requires goods I have need of supplies. Is it possible for you to send the following goods to me?
Sa req 01
Sends goods The goods will be sent, my friend.
Sa sent 01
Receives goods I have received your goods. many thanks, my friend.
Sa thanks 01
Refuses to supply Unfortunately, I have need of such goods myself.
Sa notsent 01
Agrees to attack This is wise!
Sa willattack 01
Refuses to attack (casual) The time to strike is not yet upon us, my young friend.
Sa noattack 02
Refuses to attack (besieged) That would be most unwise.
Sa noattack 01
Requires help I am in grave danger, my friend! I have great need of your help!
Sa help 01
Sends help The men you need will be sent.
Sa helpsent 01
Refuses to help (casual) I dearly wish I could help. But, alas, I am unable.
Sa nohelp 02
Refuses to help (besieged) It would be a futile act. I am sorry, I cannot help.
Sa nohelp 01
Predicts victory as ally Our star is in the ascendant, my friend!
Sa team winning 01
Predicts defeat as ally The skies darken over both our castles. We must take great care.
Sa team losing 01
Kills common enemy I have dispatched another of our enemies, my friend. The struggle continues!
Sa boast 01
Player kills common enemy You fight well, my friend. You have struck a mighty blow for our cause.
Sa congrats 01
Falls as ally I am lost, my friend. You must continue the struggle... without me.
Sa ally death 01
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