Here are the quotes of Saladin in Stronghold Crusader 2.

Action Quote Sound
Added to roster A wise move.
Sa add player
Removed from roster How disappointing.
Sa kick player
Prepares for siege My army will soon lay siege to our enemy's castle.
Sa siege2 01
Taunt 1 The army will advance.
Sa taunt2 01
Taunt 2 Our cause is just, we will triumph.
Sa taunt2 02
Taunt 3 The shadow of the eagle is about to pass over your castle!
Sa taunt2 03
Taunt 4 You will learn to fear us, as the sheep fears the lion.
Sa taunt2 04
Taunt 5 Surrender now. I will be generous.
Sa taunt 05
Taunt 6 These are not your lands, begone from this castle!
Sa taunt 06
Taunt 7 Sound the war horns, let battle commence.
Sa taunt 07
Taunt 8 I urge you to surrender!
Sa taunt 08
Finishes castle War saddens me, but these lands must be defended.
Sa extra 01
Deflects player's attack Victory. My glorious warriors, you will feast well this day!
Sa vict2 01
Player's buildings are destroyed Excellent, target more of their buildings.
Sa vict2 02
Close to victory This is not your war, I think.
Sa vict2 03
Defeats player One less mercenary to trouble our lands.
Sa vict2 04
Attack deflected 1 We are defeated here, but we will return stronger than ever.
Sa anger2 01
Attack deflected 2 You try to anger me. You will fail in that, as you will fail in this war!
Sa anger 03
Attack deflected 3 It is lucky for you that I am a patient man.
Sa anger 04
Player destroys buildings In this life, castles are like possessions: merely temporary!
Sa anger2 02
Player closes with an army The forces before my castle are mighty indeed!
Sa plead2 01
Panicking I am failing my people, this must not be!
Sa weak 01
Defeated 1 You are a mighty general, I salute you.
Sa defeat 01
Defeated 2 Farewell general, may we meet again.
Sa defeat 02
Requires goods Can you send me these goods?
Sa req2 01
Sends goods You shall have your goods.
Sa sent2 01
Receives goods You are generous, I thank you.
Sa thanks2 01
Refuses to supply I do not have enough goods to send you, my noble ally.
Sa notsent2 01
Agrees to attack A wise plan, I will attack shortly.
Sa willattack2 01
Refuses to attack (casual) That would not be wise, my friend.
Sa noattack2 02
Refuses to attack (besieged) I'm sorry, I cannot possibly attack.
Sa noattack2 01
Requests help I need help, my friend.
Sa need help 01
Sends help I will send the troops you need.
Sa helpsent2 01
Refuses to help (casual) My troops are stretched too thinly, my friend.
Sa nohelp2 02
Refuses to help (besieged) I wish I could send more troops, my friend, but I cannot.
Sa nohelp2 01
Predicts victory as ally We prosper at our enemies' expense, I feel. This war goes well.
Sa team winning2 01
Predicts defeat as ally The signs are not good for us my friend. Unless we act soon, this war is lost.
Sa team losing2 01
Kills common enemy I have killed one of our enemies.
Sa boast2 01
Player kills common enemy A fine strategy, my friend. One less to worry about.
Sa congrats2 01
Falls as ally I have fallen, but you must fight on, my friend.
Sa ally death2 01
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