The Sassanid knight is a fearsome mounted mercenary in Stronghold Crusader 2.


The Sassanid knight is an elite Arabian warrior, who is outfitted with heavy armor and mounts an armored horse. He uses a very long spear to stab hostile units and moves fast around the map. However, being a mounted unit, he is unable to attack structures.

He also possesses a charge ability similar to the maceman, which tremendously increase his damage output for a short time upon engaging an enemy unit (indicated by a lightning icon above the unit). Due to his traits, the Sassanid knight is very expensive to recruit.

The Sassanid knight arrives with his own mount upon recruitment and he cannot dismount it, unlike the templar knight.


The Sassanid knight can only attack units. Therefore, he is best suited for leading engagements in the open or he can be used for the classic "sally forth" tactic, using his charge ability and massive health to quickly soften up enemy forces. Small groups of Sassanids can quickly remove patrols, siege equipment and ranged units in small numbers.

Although Sassanid knights can butcher their way through missile units, they are vulnerable to projectiles, especially crossbow bolts. When leading a charge against crossbowmen, it is a good idea to conduct a hit-and-run attack and swiftly retreat to a group of healers to recover health.

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