Action Quote Sound

Who commands us?

You pay, we fight.

Our axes are yours.

Who needs killing?

You're the Lord...

Call a little trouble?


You hired us.

We want to fight.

My lord?

Saxon s1
Saxon s2
Saxon s3
Saxon s4
Saxon s5
Saxon s6
Saxon s7
Saxon s8
Saxon s9
Saxon s10

Show us the battle!

We walk: someone dies.

It's your gold!

Someone's in trouble!

We drink, and fight.

We fight, and drink!

Good day for a battle.


Moving out...

Sharpen your axes!

Saxon m1
Saxon m2
Saxon m3
Saxon m4
Saxon m5
Saxon m6
Saxon m7
Saxon m8
Saxon m9
Saxon m10
Invalid location Do you think we're stupid?
Saxon mc1
Marching We're warriors, not pilgrims!
Saxon ml1
New order We hear you.
Saxon new order
Filling in moat

Get the moat dug.

Put your backs into it!

Get across that moat!

Saxon moat1
Saxon moat2
Saxon moat3
Manning walls Mount the walls!
Saxon mw1

Call that a target?

They die 'today'!


Let's get killing!

Saxon atkw1
Saxon atkw2
Saxon atkw3
Saxon atkw4
Heavy target

Saxons: to me!

Warriors: ATTACK!

Take care!

Watch your backs!

Saxon atks1
Saxon atks2
Saxon atks3
Saxon atks4
Disband It's your coin that pays.
Saxon disband1
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