The Saxon warrior is an evil fantasy unit appearing in Stronghold Legends.


Being an evil mercenary, the Saxon warrior is a skilled fighter, who does any dirty work if paid. He uses his trusty axe to mow down his adversaries and he is not afraid even if multiple enemies join the fight. The warrior is very fast due to his light armor, but this offers him less protection against any kinds of attacks.


The Saxon warrior is best used in groups like any fast unit. He is cheap to hire and deals decent damage so it can be easily massed. He is perfect to guard chokepoints or estates, as he can quickly counterattack if engaged. In small groups, the Saxon warrior serves best as a strike force against siege equipment and other forces in vulnerable spots.

The Saxon warrior can assist equally well in defense and offense. He can stand on the castle walls and hold up any units that try to scale the walls or gatehouses, giving enough time for missile units to finish them. This is also true to sieges: Saxon warriors can quickly climb ladders and use their power to massacre defenders in a vulnerable wall section.


Despite his speed and damage output, the warrior carries light armor, which makes him exceptionally vulnerable to missile attacks. Arrows and crossbowmen's shots deal considerably high damage on a single warrior. When he encounters massive units like werewolves or swordsmen, he will surely lose a 1-on-1 battle without assistance.

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