The sergeant-at-arms is a Crusader unit in Stronghold Crusader 2.


The sergeant-at-arms is a high ranking pikeman, who is responsible for carrying the banner to maintain troop morale. He provides a defensive aura to units close by, enhancing their armour. He is very slow to move around in his metal outfit however and cannot easily whittle down in melee combat.

The sergeant-at-arms is trained at the barracks.


Groups of slowly marching units welcome any additional boosts, for which the sergeant is the best utility. The sergeant excels being in the middle of the fray, assisting units from a safe distance, while the bulk of the frontline deals damage. His durability also ensures that he can survive under prolonged fire and combat.

The sergeant also performs great on the defensive. Putting him on top of a tower or the keep can greatly decrease incoming damage from ranged units on the ground, as well as fire ballistae.


The sergeant-at-arms is a very expensive unit, therefore his loss can have a very detrimental effect when fighting prolonged battles. He also performs poorly in close combat (albeit he can hold out on his own for quite a while), so he should be defended by other durable units. Using the sergeant in the open field makes him very vulnerable to fast units and other ranged units, due to the lack of ranged firing capabilities.

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