Action Quote Sound

Ready, sir!



Ready for your command!


Lead us.

Battle awaits!

Yes, sire.

Victory will be ours.

Right is on our side!

Sarg S1
Sarg S2
Sarg S3
Sarg S4
Sarg S5
Sarg S6
Sarg S7
Sarg S8
Sarg S9
Sarg S10

Into battle!


Follow the standard!

To victory!


We have our orders...

Walk easy, men.

March with the flag!

Sarg M1
Sarg M2
Sarg M3
Sarg M4
Sarg M5
Sarg M6
Sarg M7
Sarg M8
Invalid location

Not sure how, sire!

Sarg MC1
Marching This will be a march to remember!
Sarg ML1
Aggressive stance Attack on sight!
Sarg Aggressive
Defensive stance Take defensive positions!
Sarg Defensive
Stand ground We will hold this ground!
Sarg Guard
Patrolling Patrol, orders received.
Sarg Patrol
Open formation Open order formation!
Sarg Open
Column formation Form to a column!
Sarg Column
Line formation Form on a line!
Sarg Line
Attacking unit

Protect the standard!

Take courage!

None shall take the flag!

Fight to the death!

Sarg ATKS1
Sarg ATKS2
Sarg ATKS3
Sarg ATKS4
Attacking building

Attack the enemy!

Take them out!

No prisoners!


Kill them all.

Leave none standing!

Sarg ATKW1
Sarg ATKW2
Sarg ATKW3
Sarg ATKW4
Sarg ATKW5
Sarg ATKW6
Manning walls Reposition on the walls!
Sarg MW1
Disband Disband?!
Sarg Disband1
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