The siege camp is used for creating various siege equipment/Siege Engines in Stronghold 2,Stronghold Legends and Stronghold Crusader 2


The siege camp resembles the Engineer's Guild in function. However, it provides a greater selection of siege engines and can be placed in own estates. Beside catapults and fire ballistae, mantlets, trebuchets, burning carts, two sizes of siege towers and [[cat]s can be created here. Laddermen can also be hired here, who instantly turn up at the camp, with a fresh ladder. They can also return to the camp to get another ladder after they set up the one they were carrying.

Siege camps can be placed on their own to recruit laddermen, but an engineer's guild is also needed to create siege equipment.

In singleplayer missions, the siege camp can be created in any estates on the map, including enemy ones.


The siege camp is primarily used to create a forward outpost and swarm siege engines to lay siege on a castle. Since it can be destroyed with a few catapult shots, siege camps tend to be pretty well-defended. The camp can be also used to shorten travelling distance of laddermen. Having a siege camp does not mean victory, but they can serve as an ambush point later in the game, as they can remain unharmed even if the enemy captures the estate it is placed in. The importance of the siege camp is very high, and therefore losing it should be avoided at all costs.

Stronghold Crusader 2Edit

The Camp recurs in Crusader 2. A defensive ability could be researched for the camp called Arrow Storm, which unleashes a hail of arrows to a nearby area, damaging infantry.


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