The siege tower is a support siege device.

Siege tower in Stronghold Crusader


The siege tower is a wooden equipment that is operated by 4 engineers. It is equipped with a drawbridge that can be deployed onto enemy walls and gatehouses. When connected to them, any soldiers on foot may scale walls via the siege tower. Once docked, it remains docked and it cannot be moved away. Engineers may abandon the tower upon docking.


As stated above, the siege tower is used to quickly overwhelm a castle's weak spot by friendly units. The tower is fairly resistant to missile fire, but moves very slowly and melee units may quickly deplete its health. Therefore, it requires a good number of units for protection. Fire may also destroy them easily.

Game differencesEdit

Stronghold, Crusader:

  • 4 engineers are required to move the tower. They can unman the tower, but they leave it immobile this way.

Stronghold 2:

  • Two sizes of siege towers are available. The large tower costs more and moves even slower, but it also possesses higher health. When created, they need a small time to be constructed in the siege camp.

Stronghold Legends:

  • The siege tower can station a maximum of 25 units on its top. When loaded, the tower moves slower, but it grants a decent height advantage for its units. It requires 1 peasant and is created instantaneously.

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