What a frost giant!
— Siegfried, when creating a frost giant
Personal Information
Real Name Siegfried
Nicknames The Dragonslayer
Appears on Stronghold Legends
Physical Information
Gender Male
Strategical Information
Difficulty Medium
Melee Troops White wolves

Shield maidens
Frost giants

Ranged Troops Archers
Siege Engines Catapults

Fire ballistae
Battering rams

Siegfried (also known as the Dragonslayer) is a character and AI opponent in Stronghold Legends.


"Protector of the Rhine, champion of the Germans, Siegfried is both a mighty warrior and a cunning general. If needs be, he will summon the powers of the frozen north to defend his honelands."


Siegfried is the protagonist of the ancient German epic story, the Nibelungenlied (Song of Nibelung). Siegfried is the prince of Xanten, possessing superhuman strength and moral. He once hunts for a treasure guarded by Nibelung and his brother, eventually killing the two and their dragon, whose blood grants invulnerability to the one who bathes in it. Siegfried then serves his empire, but rivalries between Gunther, Hagel and him eventually leads to a war, in which Hagel manages to lethally wound Siegfried in his only vulnerable spot.

Today, Siegfried is remembered as an ideal epic hero and the Nibelungenlied is a memorable epic from medieval Germany.

Castles and StrategiesEdit

Siegfried constructs castles that are square-shaped and feature numerous towers with ice mirrors. Basic towers occupy each corner, as well as dual engine towers with dragon harpoons take the wings for anti-air defenses. Archers man critical spots and shield maidens guard the gatehouse and the back of the keep. Siegfried relies on extensive mining, farming and ale production to get high taxes.

Siegfried mainly harasses in a costly but effective way, using frost giants. These behemoths are durable, very strong and make short work of any opposition, but they are very slow. Giants are usually seen roaming in pairs and attack everything they see. White wolves are also sent out to destroy additional buildings.

Siegfried uses a small variety of troops in abundance. Siege camp attacks can come after one another, bringing hordes of archers and shield maidens. The siege camp spawns various engines: catapults, fire ballistae, a trebuchet and a battering ram. While not packing much firepower, the maidens make the attacks rather troublesome to deal with, and Siegfried can pretty quickly replenish and assemble a new army when his attack fails.

Usable skillsEdit

Summon maidens
S maiden
Duration 30 seconds (5 sec to cast)
Effect Summons 7 shield maidens to the selected area, serving as temporary bodyguards for the lord.
Note Summoned maidens have a limited lifespan and can be summoned again in 4 minutes.

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