Here are the quotes of Siegfried.

Action Quote Sound
Prepares for siege I will soon start my siege.
Hi siege 01
Sends army 1 Open the gates, we march to battle!
Hi taunt 01
Sends army 2 The plans are made captains, send out your men!
Hi taunt 02
Launches attack 1 Commence the siege!
Hi taunt 03
Launches attack 2 Let battle commence!
Hi taunt 04
Summons frost giants What a gross giant!
Hi extra 01
Player's buildings are destroyed Good, bring down their buildings!
Hi vict 02
Close to victory Hah! Did you just learn a lesson in warfare?
Hi vict 03
Defeats player Raze that castle to the ground!
Hi vict 04
Player deflects attack We've lost! Sound the retreat.
Hi anger 01
Player destroys buildings

I naught your actions, sir Lord, I will repay them.

Hi anger 02
Panicking You have a mighty army. Captains, man the walls!
Hi nervous 01
Defeated Ach... a cold day to die...
Hi plead 01
Requires help I need your help.
Hi help 01
Predicts defeat These are not good times for us!
Hi nervous 02
Kills common enemy That's another one gone!
Hi boast 01
Player kills common enemy Not bad, not bad at all!
Hi congrats 01
Falls as ally I'm dying... you must fight on without me!
Hi ally death 01
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