Action Quote Sound

My lord.


My liege.

Command us.

What test awaits us?

I pledge my allegiance.


What would you have us do?

Your knights are ready.

Our lives are yours.

File:Gareth s1.ogg

File:Gareth s2.ogg

File:Gareth s3.ogg

File:Gareth s4.ogg

File:Gareth s5.ogg

File:Gareth s6.ogg

File:Gareth s7.ogg

File:Gareth s8.ogg

File:Gareth s9.ogg

File:Gareth s10.ogg


In your name.

As you command.

Riding out.

To horse!

Yes, my lord.

As you say.


Gareth rides!

With a hopeful heart!

Ride with honour!

File:Gareth m1.ogg

File:Gareth m2.ogg

File:Gareth m3.ogg

File:Gareth m4.ogg

File:Gareth m5.ogg

File:Gareth m6.ogg

File:Gareth m7.ogg

File:Gareth m8.ogg

File:Gareth m9.ogg

File:Gareth m10.ogg

Invalid location I fear that is impossible, my Lord. File:Gareth mc1.ogg
Marching Do we search for the Grail? File:Gareth ml1.ogg
New order Yes, my Lord! File:Gareth new order.ogg
Filling in moat

We may not!

It is forbidden.

Chivalry forbids it!

File:Gareth moat1.ogg

File:Gareth moat2.ogg

File:Gareth moat3.ogg

Manning walls My lord, we cannot ride atop the walls! File:Gareth mw1.ogg

For my lady!

It is our duty!

To battle!

I will prove my honour!

File:Gareth atkw1.ogg

File:Gareth atkw2.ogg

File:Gareth atkw3.ogg

File:Gareth atkw4.ogg

Heavy target

For Albion!

For your honour!

For the honour of The Table!

For Excalibur!

File:Gareth atks1.ogg

File:Gareth atks2.ogg

File:Gareth atks3.ogg

File:Gareth atks4.ogg

Disband But, are we not your knights? File:Gareth disband1.ogg
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