Sir Gawain is one of the knights of the Round Table in Stronghold Legends.


Sir Gawain is a half-nephew of Arthur. As he was part of the Royal Family, he was invited to join the Round Table. His brothers are Gaheris and Sir Gareth. They were murdered by Sir Lancelot, during the rescue of Arthur's wife.

Gawain swore to kill Lancelot. As Arthur and Gawain were breaking through the walls of Lancelot's home castle of Joyes-Gard, Sir Gawain challenged Lancelot to a duel, but failed and lost his life in it. He will always be remembered as one of the most honorable, strong, intellectually gifted, and militarily skilled knights of the Round Table.

Game UnitEdit

Gawain is a special unit summoned from the Round Table. He can take a mount and fight just as a regular knight. He also has a recharging ability, called the 'Heavenly Shield', which can be used to deploy a shining aura over an area, protecting units from projectiles and other ranged attacks. The shield disappears after a short time.

Just like any Round Table unit, Gawain cannot be called until he dies or he is disbanded.


Heavenly Shield
S shield
Duration 30 seconds
Effect Creates a transparent shield above an area, absorbing incoming projectiles.
Note Gawain cannot move while the spell is active. Ineffective against melee attacks.

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