Sir Hugo Blanc is the final landholder of The Hawk to die to Matthew Steele.

Sir Hugo Blanc in the campaignsEdit

Sir Hugo Blanc is one of The Hawk's three landholders and is the one who attempts to siege Sir William but is thwarted by Steele.

He recruits some crossbowmen and knights to patrol his territory. He is later killed in the siege of his castle. He is the last of The Hawk's landholders to die. Like the other landholders - Duke de Montparnasse and Lord Beaufort - he doesn't appear in kingmaker, the only three characters apart from Friar Jacob not to do so.

He should be left to be the last target as he is the most powerful. He is to the north of both Steele and Beaufort's castles. He has good defences but can be eliminated from afar by ballistae and trebs. A good tactic is to have knights on standby while you whitle down his forces and when he heads for the lady's bedchamber, charge in. You can cut him off and kill him when he begins his return.

When he is beaten, The Hawk launches a two prong assault against Steele with the aid of The Bull. With carefully planned defences, this should easily be beaten.

After that, The Hawk himself soon joins his underlings in death.


  • From mission 8 cut sound files, it appears that Sir Hugo initially competed with the Lord Beaufort for the rank of 'principle landholder'. Hugo would head out and attack Beaufort, when he would refuse to pay taxes to him. As Pascal witnesses his subordinates' clashes, he could be heard growling over their failures, helpless.
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