Sir Lancelot is a special unit recruited at the Round Table.


Sir Lancelot is a brave knight and he also appears as a military unit. He can quickly get from one location to another, while mounting a horse and he can deal tremendous damage with his sword. He can also take quite a punishment due to his metal armour.

He has a cooling down special ability, called the 'Sword of Albion', which can be used to boost units damage output (but not their firerate) in an area for a short time. After the spell wears off, it needs some time to recharge.


Sir Lancelot is a balanced unit, but he is mostly used on the battlefield or during sieges.

When used in the field, he can boost the damage output of missile units providing covering fire, but he is much better to boost melee units, who can defeat even stronger units with their swipes. It is particularly useful when there are many units fighting in a small area. Lancelot requires some defense though, as he needs to get fairly close to the main fight.

During sieges, Lancelot can use his ability in the same manner, when the attackers are battling for a gatehouse or a tower. However, it is not worth if the enemy uses durable units such as pikemen or shield maidens, who can be taken down in a long time, as the boost is not high enough to make their slaughter considerably shorter. If there are units fighting a lonely lord, they benefit much from the increased damage.

Lancelot has the same weaknesses as a knight: when he loses his mount, he is exposed to missile fire and cannot get away easily from faster melee units, but he can hold up them for long enough if needed. He can also fly into buildings or watery terrain by shockwaves and impacts, dying instantly.


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