Action Quote Sound

My lord.


My liege.

Command us.

What test awaits us?

I pledge my allegiance.

Lancelot's sword is yours.

What would you have us do?

Your knights are ready.

Our lives are yours.

Lancelot s1
Lancelot s2
Lancelot s3
Lancelot s4
Lancelot s5
Lancelot s6
Lancelot s7
Lancelot s8
Lancelot s9
Lancelot s10

In your name.

As you command.

Riding forth.

To horse!

Yes, my lord.

As you say.


Spur your horses!

With a hopeful heart!

Ride with honour!

Lancelot m1
Lancelot m2
Lancelot m3
Lancelot m4
Lancelot m5
Lancelot m6
Lancelot m7
Lancelot m8
Lancelot m9
Lancelot m10
Invalid location I fear that is impossible, my Lord.
Lancelot mc1
Marching Do we search for the Grail?
Lancelot ml1
New order Yes, my Lord!
Lancelot new order
Filling in moat

We may not!

It is forbidden.

Chivalry forbids it!

Lancelot moat1
Lancelot moat2
Lancelot moat3
Manning walls My lord, we cannot ride atop the walls!
Lancelot mw1

For Guinevere!

It is our duty!

To battle!

We are sworn to protect you!

Lancelot atkw1
Lancelot atkw2
Lancelot atkw3
Lancelot atkw4
Heavy target

For Albion!

For your honour!

For the honour of The Table!

For Excalibur!

Lancelot atks1
Lancelot atks2
Lancelot atks3
Lancelot atks4
Disband But, are we not your knights?
Lancelot disband1
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