Here are the quotes of Sir William.

Action Quote Sound
Prepares for siege Let battle commence!
Sw siege 01
Taunt 1 You shall soon pay for your transgressions!
Sw taunt 01
Taunt 2 No longer will you run right across the King's lands!
Sw taunt 02
Taunt 3 I must deal with you before you cause any more mischief!
Sw taunt 03
Taunt 4 You have tainted your family name forever!
Sw taunt 04
Gains estate Another estate has joined my cause!
Sw gain estate 01
Player's buildings are destroyed A small victory, but a victory nonetheless.
Sw vict 02
Defeats player Another has fallen beneath my sword!
Sw vict 04
Loses estate 1 How dare you strip me off my lands?
Sw lose estate 01
Loses estate 2 This estates have been of my family for centuries, you varlet! How dare you seize them from me?
Sw lose estate 02
Player deflects attack You fight well knight, but this war is not yet over!
Sw anger 01
Defeated The King will make you pay for this!
Sw plead 01
Kills common enemy Another castle is ours.
Sw boast 01
Falls as ally I'm done for. Carry on the fight, knight.
Sw ally death 01
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