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It is you an the Abbot vs the much better and useful Emir and Nizar.

Snaking Stream SHC

Snaking Stream SHC

For this match it will be you and Mr. Abbot against the Emir and Nizar. Despite there being a nice space on the map where you or Abbot can be placed, instead both of you are together kind of like that bondage tie where both persons tied up are tied with their arms behind their back but since they are both back to back both people's arms are tied around the waist area of the person behind them. It is actually kind of hard to escape... Sorry for the sorry analogy btw.

The Emir and Nizar are both spread nicely and have more space and resources available to them. Take that how you will..

ANYWAYS, I won't sugar coat this... THE ABBOT IS USELESS!. He has no way to defeat the Nizar... Like seriously I am not playing. And once 2 Arabian swordsmen show up to his doorstep he will be like HELP HELP HELP! Kind of like one of your allies in Star Fox when you are in those all range mode missions.

The Abbot is a rather large resource hog when it comes to oasis. It doesn't matter much, simply get 1 or 2 wheat farms and do the farm glitch (pause the game, hault the business and continue it with the "Z" WHILE the game is paused) then another farmer will come to the one that is already in business. Works good with apples too. The real money maker is stone, do as much stone as you can. It is very profitable and plentiful.

If you want to wear down your enemies, the natural walls of the level allow you to use Trebochets to lob stones behind walls. For some reason in SHC, Fire Balistas and Trebochets can hit stuff without actually seeing them. I built a square tower with some Crossbowmen near Abbot's castle and they melted the harrasment of Arabian Swordsmen from Emir, on the other opening I used crossbowmen so Nizar doesn't sneak kill my lord, my lord doesn't like dying. If the Nizar scares you just build a moat. Ibuki is my favorite Street Fighter character btw.

I used Trebochets to destroy Nizar's frontal towers, then made horse archers destroy the fire balistas. Getting an army isn't too hard since the stone was very profitable. 2 sidenotes, Ibuki's LP HP Ex Ground Kunai is +2 after a dash in. Helpful after the season 2 nerf. And also at this point start creating two armies, a moat team and a melee team. I primarily use Horse Archers and Pikemen since they synnergyze so well. Be warned that Nizar has a ton of spike traps that will get troops if they walk on it. After sneaky snake is dead you can get a good horse archer team to bring Emir to his knees. Then just get the kill however you want.

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