The sorcerer is an elite Evil unit in Stronghold Legends.


The Sorcerer is a special unit available in the sorcerer's tower. He wields extreme magical powers, which he can use against his enemies. His standard attack is a fiery bolt, which detonates upon impact, spreading fire in a huge area. He also has a special ability, the Meteor Storm, which calls down deadly meteors from the sky, dealing huge damage in a small area. Only one Sorcerer may be present on the battlefield.


Like the other mage units, the Sorcerer acts mainly as support, because of his medium range and area attack. He is excellent against groups of unarmored units, as they can burn into ashes in a very short time. Even fast enemies going around the fire may lose some health, as the fire spreads randomly. The Sorcerer's fire also affects units on towers and rooftops, so he is even more useful at removing hostile archers and crossbowmen.

This caster is also sees some use in harassment. Since he can light up buildings with his fiery attack, he can quickly bring down just enough buildings or peasants to cripple or temporarily shut down a player's economy. Quarries, mines and the granary are favourable targets for the Sorcerer. He should be brought alone for this purpose, so that he can remain relatively undetected by not engaging the enemy until the time for strike has come.

Although the Sorcerer is very useful, he performs rather badly in melee combat. Even a few men-at-arms with their javelins and daggers can easily kill him. He also dies easily from a few arrows or crossbow bolts, and ballistae or stake hurlers may severely damage them.

Usable skillsEdit

Meteor Storm
S meteor
Duration 240 seconds
Effect Calls down a storm of meteorites on a selected area, inflicting huge damage.
Note The storm affects both friendly and hostile units, but the Sorcerer will remain unharmed, even if he casts the storm around himself.

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