Action Quote Sound

Who summons me?

In darkness I was born!

My powers are yours.

Is there blood to be boiled?

No skill is greater than mine!

You call on the dark arts!

I will serve you!

What is your bidding?

Do not doubt my powers!

You have need of my sorcery?

Sorceror s1
Sorceror s2
Sorceror s3
Sorceror s4
Sorceror s5
Sorceror s6
Sorceror s7
Sorceror s8
Sorceror s9
Sorceror s10

For the lord below!

Someone will burn!

Through the shadows.

Yes, I go.

I see my path!

Where is my appointment?

I am gone.

I walk in darkness.

As you bid me.

I flow over this land!

Sorceror m1
Sorceror m2
Sorceror m3
Sorceror m4
Sorceror m5
Sorceror m6
Sorceror m7
Sorceror m8
Sorceror m9
Sorceror m10
Invalid location What?!
Sorceror mc1
Marching How far must I walk?
Sorceror ml1
New order As you bid it.
Sorceror new order
Filling in moat

I think not!

The arts forbid it.

This is a task... for another.

Sorceror moat1
Sorceror moat2
Sorceror moat3
Manning walls I will summon from the walls!
Sorceror mw1

They will know pain!


Ahhh, I was born to this!

I will burn this place!

Sorceror atkw1
Sorceror atkw2
Sorceror atkw3
Sorceror atkw4
Heavy target

By all that's evil!

Dark forces, I call thee!

Most dangerous...

My power will break them!

Sorceror atks1
Sorceror atks2
Sorceror atks3
Sorceror atks4
Disband Arrrggh!
Sorceror disband1
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