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The spear tribesman is a harassment unit in the upcoming Stronghold Warlords game.


The spear tribesman from Vietnam is an inexpensive unit that wields a long spear. Carrying only a wooden shield, he runs fast and can whittle down buildings with only a few strikes. His counterpart is the blowpipe tribesman.

The spear tribesman is recruited at the barracks.


The rudimentary spearman is an affordable unit at all times, with his humble gold requirement and no need for a weapon from the armoury.

Despite the length of his spear, the spearman can only attack in absolute close range. His pole deals little damage to armor, but excels at taking down unarmored units.

Like the blowpiper, the spear tribesman runs very fast. He can be recruited in high numbers and squads of spearmen can make short work of stray units and exposed structures. He can also run up to walls and start picking at walls and triggering some traps.

Despite his appearance, the spear tribesman is rather frail. His health is very low and he can only take a few shots or slashes before succumbing. The spearman's shield is merely cosmetic and it does not deflect projectiles, nor it parries weapons.

Tactics Edit

  • Recruit a few spearman early in the game and send them forward to wreak havoc in the enemy industry.
  • Due to unit collision, spear tribesmen can form an improvised phalanx in narrow passageways and at chokepoints to stall enemy groups rushing forward.
  • Spearmen make cheap fodder for the enemy, keeping the enemy occupied and making room for the main army.
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