These are the first melee troops you have access to and the cheapest to produce. Having no armor makes them quicker than most troops and they prove useful for pushing ladders off of walls and digging moats. They are also one of the few units able to use ladders to scale walls.
— Official Description

The spearman is a light unarmored European unit in Stronghold, Stronghold Crusader and Stronghold 2.


Spearman are light infantry that carry iron-tipped spears into battle. They are among the lowliest units with poor combat capabilities and low health, however their strength lies in numbers, as they are fairly cheap to recruit.

The spearman is trained at the barracks.



Spearmen see limited usage due to their inferiority to other units. Despite, they are possible to use in a select few scenarios.

Spearmen can sneak by and harass outlying buildings that are far from enemy influence. They can also be used in high numbers to bolster the castle's defense as a last resort when the player lacks weapons.


The spearman is among the cheapest and weakest units of the game. His utility is fairly limited, as he has low speed and unremarkable combat skills. He is unable to defend himself against ranged attacks and faster units (such as those on horses) can easily avoid engaging them.


  • In Stronghold 2, spearmen are fast, but weak due to armour and limited training. If looked at their armour closely it resembles mail, which grants excellent defense against slashes, blows and thrusts, but slows down speed of walking due to being made of thousands of iron rings.

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