Action Quote Sound

Yes, liege?

Spears, up!

What's our mission?

Where's the enemy?

Ready, sir.


Men-at-arms, ready.

New orders?

To battle?


I'm an army of one.

I'm being all I can be.

We're confused...

Oy, I'm confused...

I'm confused...

I'm very confused...

I'm confused!

What is going on?

What's going on???

Aye, what's going on???

Spear S1 sh2
Spear S2 sh2
Spear S3 sh2
Spear S4 sh2
Spear S5 sh2
Spear S6 sh2
Spear S7 sh2
Spear S8 sh2
Spear S9 sh2
Spear S10 sh2
Spear S11 sh2
Spear S12 sh2
Spear S13 sh2
Spear S14 sh2
Spear S15 sh2
Spear S16 sh2
Spear S17 sh2
Spear S18 sh2
Spear S19 sh2
Spear S20 sh2
Spear S21 sh2

Spears, forward!

Keep ranks.

For the lord!

Moving... out?

It'll be OK, lads.

Remember your training.

Stay close.

Men-at-arms, forward.

We're the best to the best.

Spear M1 sh2
Spear M2 sh2
Spear M3 sh2
Spear M4 sh2
Spear M5 sh2
Spear M6 sh2
Spear M7 sh2
Spear M8 sh2
Spear M9 sh2
Spear M10 sh2
Invalid location We can't see a path.
Spear MC1 sh2
Marching That's a marching, no mistake!
Spear ML1 sh2
Aggressive stance Go get 'em!
Spear Aggressive sh2
Defensive stance Keep back, spears!
Spear Defensive sh2
Stand ground We'll guard this ground.
Spear Guard sh2
Patrolling Spear patrol assigned, sire.
Spear Patrol sh2
Open formation

Space out a bit, lads.

Spear Open sh2
Defensive knot Into the middle, spears out!
Spear Knot sh2
Column formation Column up, lads!
Spear Column sh2
Line formation Line up, lads!
Spear Line sh2
Filling in moat

Where's my shovel?

How deep is it?

The moat?

We're gonna get soaked!

My boots leak!

Spear Moat1 sh2
Spear Moat2 sh2
Spear Moat3 sh2
Spear Moat4 sh2
Spear Moat5 sh2
Manning rock basket Yes, sir.
Spear MS1 sh2
Manning walls Men-at-arms, on the walls!
Spear MW1 sh2

Go, get 'em!

Finish 'em off!

Let's be at them!

Spears ready!

Spear ATKW1 sh2
Spear ATKW2 sh2
Spear ATKW3 sh2
Spear ATKW4 sh2
Heavy target

Close ranks, men!


May the Lord protect us!

We'll try, liege!

Spear ATKS1 sh2
Spear ATKS2 sh2
Spear ATKS3 sh2
Spear ATKS4 sh2
Disband We're off 'ome.
Spear Disband1 sh2
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