Action Quote Sound
Ready / selected You can count on us.
Spear s1

Where're we goin'?

Always ready.

Where'll it be?

Tell us what to do.


Spear s2
Spear s3
Spear s4
Spear s5
Spear s6

We're leavin' now.

Off we go.

Yes, my lordship.

Spear m1
Spear m2
Spear m3
Invalid location That'll be a little tricky.
Spear m4

Piece of cake.

No problem.

This'll be easy!


Spear ATKW1
Spear ATKW2
Spear ATKW3
Spear ATKW4
Heavy target

If you say so...

You're in charge...

They look a little big...

We'll try...

Spear ATKS1
Spear ATKS2
Spear ATKS3
Spear ATKS4
Marching That's a long way!
Spear m5
Digging moat

Where's my shovel?

How deep is it?

The moat?

We're gonna get soaked!

My boots leak!

Spear Moat1
Spear Moat2
Spear Moat3
Spear Moat4
Spear Moat5
Pushing off ladder

Off it goes!

Ladders away!

Push them off.

Spear Ladder1
Spear Ladder2
Spear Ladder3
Disband We're off home.
Spear Disband1
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