The stake hurler is an alternative for the fire ballista in Stronghold Legends.


The hurler is a topped up fire ballista usable by the Evil faction. It behaves similar to it, being a giant crossbow and launching projectiles. Instead of a fiery arrow, it shoots a bunch of stakes to a specified area. Upon impact, the stakes push away units and damage wooden structures. The stake hurler has a small cooldown between each shot.


The stake hurler is a common frontline engine against infantry and defenses. Its area of effect attack makes it perfect against groups, but they can also destroy most buildings, such as the granary, crippling part or whole of the enemy economy. Its range is also superior to most units, making the hurler useful for sniping from a distance. Under the guard of several mantlets or cats, the stake hurler can move close to elevated units and remove them without getting hurt.

This engine is much better than the fire ballista, except for its range and accuracy. The hurler cannot fire in close range, leaving it vulnerable to melee combatants. Its area attack also has a low inaccuracy rate from high distance, as the stakes may land around/next to the target instead of hitting it. Flying targets are also hard to hit with the multiple stakes.

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