The stockpile is an invulnerable storage that is bound to the keep. It can be extended by building adjacent blocks of additional stockpiles adjacent to it, increasing effective storage capacity. The stockpile provides walkways in all four directions for workers and troops. Made of stone, the stockpile cannot be burnt by fire. It is also impervious to catapulted rocks and stones.

A stockpile segment can hold a maximum of four stack of various resources. Each stack size depends on the type of the stored material. When clicked on, the "resource summary" panel is shown with a detailed list of available resources. If the market is built, the resource can be clicked on to trade as well.

Stockpile splitting techniqueEdit

The stockpile can be split from the keep by deleting the first segment (preferably as soon as the game starts, in order to avoid the waste of resources) and placing it somewhere else, allowing for a better structure of the castle by shortening the distance between the industrial buildings and the stockpile.

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