Stone Tipper
General Information
Available in Stronghold 2
Usage Close range defense
Cost 200 gold

The stone tipper is a defensive equipment appearing in Stronghold 2.


The stone tipper is a wall mounted holder for a batch of rocks. It is hanged between two wooden sticks, around which it can be turned vertically. When instructed to flip, the tipper releases the rocks, severely wounding units under it. The tipper needs some time to recharge before it can be used again.


The stone tipper is not a common sight in sieges, but it is surely effective against standing under the walls. It is particularly useful against enemy laddermen, who are about to push their ladders against the walls. Other units that are scaling the walls or foolishly move under the tipper, could be killed very easily with a set of rocks. Enemy ladders can also be destroyed with the rocks.

One downside of the tipper is that it is too expensive and it is effective only in close range. The other disadvantage is that it is unusable for quite a time, which is enough for a second wave of enemy units to get those ladders set up and attempt to scale the walls.

The worst fact about the tipper is that it disappears, when the wall section it is mounted on gets damaged.

Game differenceEdit

The stone tipper is replaced by the oil tipper in Stronghold Legends.

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