Stronghold allows for up to 8 players to take part in a multiplayer game. Though not as popular as deathmatch mode, the game also offers a 'king of the hill' style mode. To win, a player must control the center of the map for a set amount of time.

Many conditions can be adjusted prior to starting a multiplayer game:

Tech level: Adjusting the tech level determines what structures and goods are available to build and purchase during the game.

There is no actual tech research in the game, but the tech level option controls starting goods and starting troops. See below:

Tech Early Middle Late
Goods Low Medium High
Troops None Few Many

Gold: Sets the amount of gold that player will start with (0-10000) Starting goods: Sets starting resources to Low/Med/High
Starting troops: Sets the number to troops the players begin with to None/Few/Some/Many
Troops: Can be set to cost gold or free.
Trading: You can disable the trading of food, weapons, and other goods.

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