Below is a list of Stronghold skirmish trail missions. For the desired mission, click on its link.


Walkthroughs should only be used if you fail to complete the mission on your own!

Economy CampaignEdit

Mission Stronghold Heaven
Victory Feast Jayhawk
The Long Valley Jayhawk
Gathering the Harvest Jayhawk
A Deterrent Jayhawk
A Castle in the Marsh Jayhawk

Custom Economy missionsEdit

Mission Stronghold Heaven
A Request from the King Jayhawk
Blessing the Peasants Jayhawk
The Forest Jayhawk
The Emerging City Jayhawk
The Tyrant Jayhawk

Military CampaignEdit

Act 1Edit

Wiki's Stronghold Heaven
Gathering the Lost Jayhawk
Finishing the Fort Jayhawk
Eliminating the Wolves Jayhawk
Hidden Lookout Jayhawk
Between a Rock and a Hard Place Jayhawk

Act 2Edit

Wiki's Stronghold Heaven
The Rat's Proposal Jayhawk
Breaking the Siege Jayhawk
Dealing with the Devil Jayhawk
The Rat's Last Stand Jayhawk
The Snake Hunt Begins Jayhawk
First Blood Jayhawk

Act 3Edit

Wiki's Stronghold Heaven
The Ransom Jayhawk
Snake Eyes Jayhawk
The Mountain Pass Jayhawk
Carving a Path Jayhawk - Sulis - Brugle

Act 4 Edit

Wiki's Stronghold Heaven
Fighting Retreat Jayhawk
Smokey Bacon Jayhawk
End of the Pig Jayhawk
Penning in the Wolf Jayhawk
Much Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth Jayhawk
Final Vengeance Sulis - Troll


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