Below is a list of Stronghold 3 campaign missions. For the desired mission, click on its link.


Walkthroughs should only be used if you fail to complete the mission on your own!

Return of the WolfEdit

This trail covers the return of Duc Volpe and his allies, and the Boy's attempt to escape the turmoil incited by the Wolf's invasion.

Sh3 rotw
Mission Note
Time to Go Act 1 - Escaping The Wolf
A Bend in the River
The Three Forts
The King is Dead
Rearguard Act 2 - Fighting the Rats
Rats in the Night
The Sultan
An Alliance is Forged
Vermin's Rest
Glimmer of Hope Act 3 - Fighting the Pigs
The Bishop Redham
Longarm's Stronghold
Two Little Pigs
Homecoming Act 4 - Fighting the Wolf
Final Battle

Lady Catherine's AbbeyEdit

This trail covers the newly coronated Lady Catherine in an attempt to rebuild the Abbey in a war-torn country.

Sh3 lca
Mission Note
A Start
An Evil Congregation
The Pilgrim Road
Race for the Relic
The Ghost Town
A Celebration

Blackstaff CampaignEdit

This campaign follows the pursuit of Thomas Blackstaff after the Ratlings, who escaped during the Second War.

Sh3 bc
Mission Note
A Race to the Sea

Note: not all campaign missions have been included in the list. They are going to be added over time.

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